Commercialisation and Technology Transfer

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C&参加 is responsible for the managing of bg电子’s inventions, and licensing them to indu​strial partners. It guides the evaluation process, helps inventors to define the context of the invention and identify its commercial potential. C&参加 also works with the inventors to define a strategy to protect and transfer the invention as well as to identify possible partners.

C&参加 is responsible for filing the patent application and following the patent process as well as managing bg电子’s intellectual property in general. It advises bg电子 researchers in all aspects of technology transfer and intellectual property.

C&参加 defines a transfer strategy in collaboration with the inventors and the heads of laboratories concerned, identifying the businesses to contact, the type of license and the domains of application. Facilitating negotiations and the management of license agreements (including financial management) are responsibilities of the C&参加.

Successful technology transfer or licensing requires the motivation and commitment of inventors from the very beginning of the adventure.​ ​